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Professor Watanabe Donated His Personal Library to Library of The School of Philosophy, Wuhan University
Date:2022-01-11  Clicks:130

On November 12, 2021, the donation ceremony of Professor Watanabe Norimasa's personal library was successfully held through Tencent Conference platform.  Professor Li Yong, associate dean of School of Philosophy ,Wuhan University, and Mrs. Feng Juan, director of Philosophy Liberary, attended the donation ceremony and received the donated books on behalf of the school. The donation ceremony was presided over by associate Professor Sheng Fugang.


Professor Watanabe Norimasa, born in 1948, is a famous Japanese philosopher and sociologist. He was the president of the Society of Materialism in Japan, the vice president of Kanto Gakuin University in Japan, and is now the honorary professor of Kanto Gakuin University in Japan. He is a representative scholar in the field of Marxist philosophy in Japan. Professor Watanabe specializes in the history of social thought and the study of Marxist theory, and specializes in the theoretical analysis of early Marx and the Young Hegelians. After 2000, his research interests shifted to the fields of idealism, Nationalism and the history of social thought.

Professor Watanabe's donation involves philosophy, sociology, history and other fields, more than half of which are German, English, French and Russian books. A total of 767 books were donated in 26 boxes, they are of great scientific and collectable value for the study of philosophy and the humanities.

Professor Li Yong expressed his sincere thanks to Professor Watanabe for the donation in his speech. He said that the department of Educational Philosophy of Wuhan University was first established in 1922, which means, in next year, the school of Philosophy will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Professor Li explains that, the School of Philosophy of Wuhan University plays an important role in the academic circle. Its comprehensive strength and overall level are among the best in all kinds of national assessments. In recent years, its academic influence has also been increasing in the international community.

(Professor Li Yong showed the commemorative stamp of "Watanabe's Donated Book" to Professor Watanabe)

Professor Li said that Professor Watanabe's donated book will become a valuable learning resource for our teachers and students. Readers who visited the library to read the donated book could see the special commemorative stamp written "Watanabe's Donated book" on the title page of those books. Then, he showed the certificate of donation to Professor Watanabe through the video. Finally, Professor Li sincerely invited Professor Watanabe to visit the centennial celebration of school of Philosophy next year in order to witness the progress and growth of it in the new era.

Professor Watanabe thanked Professor Li very much for his gracious speech and said that the donated books were part of his personal collection. He was willing to donate the rest of his personal collection to the School of Philosophy and looked forward to visiting Wuhan University next year.

Written by Li Yi