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Elena Ziliotti (2019)
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Elena Ziliotti



AOS: Political Philosophy, Contemporary Western Democratic   Theory, Contemporary Confucian Democratic Theory

AOC: Ethics, Critical Thinking


Joint Ph.D., Political Philosophy


King’s College London   & National University of Singapore

Dissertation’s title: “The Meritocratic Challenge to   Democratic Theories”

Supervisors: Sor-hoon Tan (NUS), Adrian Blau (KCL)

Committee: Daniel A. Bell (external), Neiladri   Sinhababu (NUS), Rod Dacombe (KCL), Michael Pelczar (chair)

M.Phil., Analytic Philosophy

Inter-University Degree, University Pompeu Fabra, University of Barcelona, Autonomous University   of Barcelona, University of Girona


M.A.,   Philosophy

University of Parma, Summa Cum Laude


B.A., Philosophy

University of Parma



Ziliotti   E. (forthcoming). “Democracy’s Value: A Conceptual Map,” Journal of Value   Inquiry

Ziliotti E. 2018. “Public Deliberation in a   Globalized World? The Case of Confucian Customs and Traditions”, in Michael   Reder (eds.), The Yearbook Practical   Philosophy in a Global Perspective (Freiburg: Karl Albert Publishing),   pp. 339−361.

Ziliotti   E. 2017. “The Moral Basis of   Political Meritocracy,” Philosophy and   Public Issues, 7(1), pp. 246−270.

Ziliotti E. 2017. “From Democratic Meritocracy to   Meritocratic Democracy: Why Political Meritocracy Matters,” Philosophy and Public Issues, 7(1),   pp. 73−87.

Ziliotti E. 2017. “Review of Daniel   A. Bell’s The China Model: Political   Meritocracy and the Limits of Democracy,” Philosophy   East and West, 67(2), pp. 295−298.

Non-academic articles

Ziliotti E. 2017. Political   Priorities and the Western Conceit: A Reply to Francesco Grillo & Co,” OpenDemocracy. Available at: https://www.opendemocracy.net/elena-ziliotti/political-priorities-and-western-conceit-reply-to-francesco-grillo-co

Ziliotti E. 2014. “Should Voters Be Tested?” Huffington Post, co-authored with Prof. Daniel Bell. Available   at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/daniel-a-bell/voter-test-europe-china_b_4776362.html