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2017 IYPR Workshop
Date:2017-06-29  Clicks:483

2017 IYPR Workshop  Papers

Workshop Program


                Final Programme.pdf


                  Dignity and Humanity 3 with biblio.doc

                Nietzsche,Naturalism,and Political Philosophy--Xian-fei Li.pdf

                Moss and Kath, Historical Emissions and the Carbon Budget.pdf

                Ikaheimo Reification 24 (Wuhan-UNSW workshop July 2017).pdf

                Besch Just_ideal_purchase.pdf

                Karyn LAI Doing the Right Thing.docx

Cancan Liao- Zhu Xi's dualistic philosophy on the relationship between Xing and Ming

                    Liao Cancan - Zhu Xi’s Reinterpretation of Mencius’ Understanding on Xing and Ming (Outline).pdf

Jiangjin Chen - On Resource Luck

                    Jiangjin Chen-On Resource Luck.pdf

Yong Li- Confucinaism and the foundation of human rights

                    Yong Li-Confucianism and the foundation of Human Rights.doc

Ting Shen - Buddhims on the great compassion

                    Ting Shen-Buddhism on the great compassion.doc

Jianjun Li- Bernhard Waldenfels' responsive phenomenology and the paradox of moral philosophy

                    Jianjun Li-Moral Violence and Responsivity - .doc

Zemian Zheng- The Paradoxes of Courage and the Role of Irrationality

                    Zemian Zheng-The Paradoxes of Courage and the  Role of Irrationality-Sydney.doc

Zhi Li- How is it possible for a normative theory to be sensitive to facts? 

                    Zhi Li-How is possible for a normative theory to be sensitive to  facts.pdf